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Canadian Mountain Holidays

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Custom Programs

Workouts developed for a specific tour operator and travel itinerary.

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If you don't see your itinerary listed above, contact us now. We can develop a fitness program specifically for your adventure.

Custom-PLUS Programs

For adventurers who want the ultimate personalized fitness program or have prior injuries, time constraints and other special circumstances.

Prepare for the perfect CMH Summer Adventure.


  • These easy-to-follow video-based fitness programs are crafted to help you enjoy the best outdoor adventure experience of your life - extraordinary lodge-based journeys in BC's Canadian Rockies! Whether you are just getting started with a fitness routine or regularly train for athletic challenges, Fit for Trips offers trip-specific conditioning routines for adventurers of all levels.
  • All Fit for Trips fitness programs will help build your physical capabilities so you feel more energized, more confident and ultimately more satisfied with our incredible unique summer vacation options, whether you are looking for serene retreats or wildly spirited adventures.
  • With Fit for Trips, you'll enjoy getting ready for your trip almost as much as the trip itself. And every program comes with a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason. Take a tour now and find out why every trip begins with Fit for Trips.
  • Getting Started is easy.

    If you are a generally healthy person you should select from one of the four programs described below. Locate these program choices in the far right hand column under 'Get Started Now'. Purchase the program of your choice under 'Custom Programs' by clicking the drop-down menu. Then click 'Purchase Custom Fitness Program' button.

    1 - Get fit for challenging hikes. Choose this if you want to cover as much terrain as possible. You won't stop much but you will travel far and wide and see the sights.
    2 - Get fit for hard hikes. Choose this if you want to cover a lot of terrain but it's still important to stop and and see the flowers, etc. You'll travel far and see a lot but stop more often.
    3 - Get fit for comfortable hikes. Choose this if you want to spend more time looking and less time walking. You want to feel strong on your feet so you can handle longer days of viewing to take in as much as you can.
    4 - Stay fit for easy walks. Choose this if you want to be sure you'll have the energy to get out and take in the beautiful vistas and foliage. You intend on looking at all the beauty but do not intend on walking much.

Why Fit For Trips

  • Prior to your trip
    • Take the guesswork out of preparing for your adventure
    • Maximize your time in the gym
    • Diminish chances for injury or overexertion
    • Be confident that you’re doing the most to prepare for your adventure
    • Programs tailored to your level of fitness
    • Improve your physique
    • Have more energy for life
    • Full support up until the day you depart
    • Progress tracking on both your Resistance and Endurance Program charts

    During your trip
    • Be able to select itineraries or daily options that are more physically demanding
    • Be prepared for the unique demands of your specific itinerary
    • Diminish chances for injury or overexertion
    • Have more energy for long days of exploring and learning

    • Being fit allows you to maximize your adventure resulting in better stories and memories for a lifetime
    • Programs developed by fitness experts and fellow adventure enthusiasts
    • Programs designed to fit your lifestyle, budget and fitness level
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Home and gym-based training programs available

About Us

  • Fit for Trips was founded by a team of adventure travel fitness experts dedicated to improving the physical fitness of adventure travelers worldwide.
  • At Fit for Trips, we don't plan your trip. We don't guide your trip. We don't go on your trip. We simply ensure that you arrive at your destination in the best shape of your life so that you are able to enjoy your adventure trip exactly as your tour operator intended it to be.
  • Created by fitness trainer and adventure enthusiast Marcus Shapiro, Fit for Trips is the leading adventure fitness company providing activity-specific resistance and endurance programs using a proven sports-conditioning model tested by professional athletes and trainers.
  • Our Story
    In 1998, Marcus was reminiscing about past adventures with his wife Pam when he realized that their extraordinary adventure travels had not only been due to unique itineraries and knowledgeable guides. They had also benefited from the self-assurance gained from a healthy lifestyle and being physically fit. With over twenty years of fitness experience and a passion for adventure travel, Marcus created Fit for Trips so that every adventurer could enjoy their travels as much as he has.
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Money Back Guarantee

  • Our policy at Fit for Trips is simple. If you're not completely satisfied with any part of your Fit for Trips experience, we will give you your money back. Period. That's how confident we are that we will overdeliver on your expectations and get you mentally and physically prepared for your adventure travel trip.
  • At Fit for Trips, we are completely committed to your success and satisfaction. If you have a question, we will answer it. If you have a problem, we will fix it. We believe that getting ready for your trip should be almost as much fun as the trip itself.

    You will receive a 90% refund if your refund-request is 59-plus days after your purchase.